Authentic Italian Restaurant in Brunswick West

Brunswick West is a vibrant area considered a true gem of the north. The bustling suburb has historically been home to Greek, Italian, and Middle Eastern populations, which influenced the community spaces and is evident in its food scene.

Among the most loved cuisine worldwide, Italian cooking has been the source of comfort and for many diners in Australia, particularly in Brunswick West.

Cirelli & Co. is where people can get their Italian cravings, located in the heart of Brunswick, it is the perfect location that can offer you an authentic gastronomical experience from their baked goods, pasta, and pizza dishes.

Here are some of the best Italian foods Cirelli & Co. has to offer:

Authentic Italian Restaurant in Brunswick West

Baked Goods

Cannolo Siciliano – It is a Sicilian pasta shell filled with creamy and delicious sweetened ricotta. Customers may choose Chocolate Drops or Pistachios as toppings. Better yet, try them both!

Bombolone – It is an Italian classic donut best eaten as a snack. Its name is etymologically related to bomba or bomb which perfectly describes this circular-shaped pastry with Nutella, Jam, and Ricotta as fillings. Cirelli’s Bombolone is made from a secret formula, making it fluffier and easier to digest.

Focacciona – Cirelli’s Focacciona bread is soft and light as a cloud. Its dough is flavoured with EVO and topped with herbs and other vegetables.

Italian Croissant – Also called Cornetti, the Italian croissant has more sugar in the dough. Cirelli’s version of this pastry is available in sweet and savory, guaranteed fresh as their products are homemade from scratch daily and baked on premises in small batches. Custom fillings are available for customers.

Crostata – This pastry is an Italian tart made with a fruit or cream filling, which can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes. In making crostata, Cirelli follows Nona’s recipe which has been perfected over the years and passed through the following generations. Despite its appearance, it is actually soft and simply melts in one’s mouth.

Gluten-Free – Monte Cream – This special pastry is perfect for the health-conscious. Packed in plastic and sealed with a ribbon are dairy and egg-free biscuits containing swirls of raspberry jam and vanilla filling.

Other flavors of Cirelli’s gluten-free biscuits include Chocolate Chip Almond, Tiramisu, Lemon Kisses, Macadamia & Cranberry, Melting Moments, and Passionfruit.

Nutella Pizza – This is a must-try dessert, especially popular for children. Nutella is spread in the soft and chewy pizza crust topped with strawberries, making a mouth-watering dessert.


Tagliatelle Carbonara –Cirelli’s homemade tagliatelle with pancetta, egg, black pepper, and parmesan cheese deliver gloriously creamy classic Italian pasta.

Gnocchi Bolognese – Enjoy Cirelli’s homemade soft and pillowy gnocchi with rich and flavourful Bolognese.

Gnocchi Napoli – Another gnocchi goodness that melts in the mouth from Cirelli is the Gnocchi Napoli. It is a meatless meal but with a tasty and creamy flavor.

Spaghetti al Pesto di Pistacchio con Tonno Crudo Marinato – This pasta dish is for people looking for something new! Discover the delicious taste of homemade spaghetti with Basil Pesto, topped with marinated raw Tuna.

Tagliatelle Pomodorini, Melanzane, Basilico & Fonduta di Parmigiano – This hot and appetizing dish is with fresh and colourful vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, eggplant, basil, enveloped Parmesan fondue.

Tagliatelle Amatriciana – This is another Italian dish that was discovered long ago and was transformed over time, taking on many variations today. Cirelli’s version of this pasta dish will surely delight palates with a hint of spiciness and its depth of flavour from guanciale.


Margherita – This is a simple Italian pizza that originated in Naples showcasing the colors of the Italian flag: red, white, and green. It features a perfectly bubbly crust, tomato sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella, and, is drizzled with EVOO.

Boscaiola – Boscaiola pizza is in demand in most pizzerias, famous in Italy and worldwide that is more than just pasta and mushrooms. There are many variants of this pizza around the world. Cirelli’s Boscaiola Pizza includes mozzarella, truffle cream, Italian sausage, porcini mushrooms, and parsley.

Capricciosa – This is another style of pizza in Italian cuisine, available in most pizzeria’s menus. Its staple ingredients are tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, and olives.

Diavola – Diavola pizza is rich and spicy known for having a devil-style sauce. It includes a combination of hot salami, tomato, mozzarella, capsicum, and olives.

Gamberi – An irresistible pizza loaded with mozzarella and zucchini cream, topped with cherry tomato, and tasty marinated prawns. One can say no to this pizza!

Sofia – This pizza is the epitome of class and style, perfect with a glass of wine. It includes mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, flor di latte, and basil.

Spoletina – A perfectly chewy and crunchy crust topped with mozzarella, large slices of prosciutto, burrata, and balsamic glaze.

Campagnola – This pizza is with a rustic base topped with mozzarella, capsicum, zucchini, and pumpkin, further enriching its flavour.

Magna Magna – Cirelli’s Magna Magna pizza is bursting with flavour. Its bubbly crust is topped with tomato, mozzarella, caramelized onion, mild salami, and pesto.

Rustica Pizza – Relish in the savoury filling of this pizza that showcases the combination of pumpkin cream base, mozzarella, speck, walnuts, rocket, and balsamic glaze.


Cirelli’s Meal Boxes

Cirelli Gift Box – Looking for what to give as a gift? Try Cirelli’s gift box for a full Italian feast all in a box! It is packed with homemade and high-quality pantry items that are sure to delight receivers. It is perfect for one time experience for 2, 4, or even 6 people.

Cirelli Sweet Box – Cirelli’s sweet box will surely make people happy with “in-house” Italian brekky sorted without the hassle of preparing anything. It can be a perfect present for family members, friends, and even lovers who have a sweet tooth.

Cirelli Savory Box – This is a box full of savoury packed in a box, guaranteed to satisfy and delight people looking for Italian goodies.


Where to try Italian pasta dishes?

Cirelli & Co is an intimate Italian restaurant serving up authentic Italian food and fresh homemade pasta in the heart of Brunswick. We will serve you pasta, pizza, and antipasti made from the freshest and finest quality of ingredients.

You can dine at our restaurant, order for takeaway, or opt to have your food delivered to your home. You may contact us at (03) 9386 8084 or visit our website at for more information about our restaurant and bakery.

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