Italian Donuts to Try in Melbourne [Infographic]

People’s happiness can depend on various reasons. But for every food lover out there, happiness comes in circles of sugary coated dough. Yes, doughnuts, children’s favorite and many adults’ guilty pleasure.

Whether glazed, filled, or cakey, donuts are guaranteed a delight to eat for breakfast, dessert, or as a snack. Treat yourself with these sweet rings of temptation today! Here are some of the Italian donuts to try in Melbourne.

Italian Donuts to Try in Melbourne


In Italian, the word ciambella refers to any round shaped cake, pastry, or cookie. Every dessert with a hole in the middle belongs in this category. The basic ingredients to prepare ciambella are flour, eggs, butter, baking soda, and sugar.

However, the preparation might vary from one region to another, the same with the ingredients. Ciambella is also known as Fritelle, Ciambelle, or simply Italian Sugar Donuts. These sweet treats are best enjoyed during breakfast with a cup of coffee and served in many cafés.

This sweet, soft, and fluffy textured donut can melt in one’s mouth. Ciambella is often served during Christmas time and the Mardi Gras period.


For those who love jelly-filled donuts, Krapfen can satisfy your cravings. It is made from yeast dough then deep-fried to golden perfection. People might be familiar with Krapfen as the classic donuts with a hole in the middle, leavened with yeast.

Its center is packed with jam, jelly, or even preserves and dusted on top with powdered sugar. Other bakeries also offer more adventurous fillings such as chocolate, pudding, and quark.

Krapfen donuts are treats usually prepared during carnival season in Europe but can be consumed any time of the year.


This simple fried dough coated and dusted in powdered or granulated sugar is of Italian origin. They are usually topped with pastry cream, finished off with an amarena (a dark colored Italian cherry in syrup).

Zepolle, having originated in Italy, is created to celebrate the feast day of San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph). The airy sweetness of these dough balls makes it an ideal family-style dessert and a snack since they are small for everyone to share.

Today, pastry shops offer zeppole donuts filled with whipped cream, chocolate cream, candied fruit, etc. Depending on what type of dough they are made with, its texture can either be fluffy or dense. Moreover, when making this at home, people can choose to bake them instead of frying them.




Many people say eating Maritozzi would give you a taste of Rome. It is perhaps because these traditional Italian lightly sweetened buns are not eaten much outside the city. Fortunately, many pastry shops worldwide offer these sweet bread creams today!

Maritozzi resembles modern-day brioche in the shape of a football, and once baked, split from the top filled with whipped cream. It is said that these simple buns served two purposes during the Middle Ages.

First, they are served during Lent as it is lightly sweet with no animal fat. Second, during the 18th century, men would give their significant other a maritozzi with a ring or token of affection baked inside to propose. Another fun fact, “marito” is an Italian word for “husband” which the donut has been named after.


Bomboloni translates to “big bombs” which is a perfect name for this big round generously filled donuts. Enjoy every bite of this treat with its gooey centers and sugary soft dough. People can make them at home and stuff them with their preferred fillings.

Bomboloni can be made with simple store cupboard ingredients such as flour, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, vanilla, yeast, salt, and pastry cream. This Italian donut can be served for breakfast alongside a cup of cappuccino and or anytime for any occasion.

Other types of donuts:

Cake Donuts

Unlike yeast donuts with melt-in-your-mouth consistencies, cake donuts have a dense base that can hold various toppings and heavy frostings. It resembles a cake, but drier and with crumbly interiors. Donut and pastry shops make this type of donut from a sweet dough leavened using baking powder or baking soda then dunked into oil to cook.

Donut Holes

These small bite-sized donuts are made from discarded dough of ring-shaped donuts. They can be filled with cream, glazed, or sprinkled with powdered sugar. Initially, donut holes are made as a way to reduce food waste and enhance profits.

Over time, it has become a classic favorite and many cultures have their versions of fried bite-sized donuts. They can be served during brunch and for early morning meetings.

Long John Donuts

Also affectionately named as “longie”, this donut is a yeast oblong-shaped donut. Long Johns are similar éclair but fried rather than baked. They are coated in a glaze or icing then filled with crème, custard, or pudding.

Potato Donuts

A potato donut, sometimes referred to as Spudnut, has a similar texture to a cake donut but it is made with mashed potatoes or potato starch to reduce flour content. Typically yeast-raised, potato donuts are moist and a great alternative to chewy and flour donuts.


This type of donut is best known for its unique twisted shape achieved by piping rich batter into a fluted mold or hand twisting sweetened dough. Crullers come with honey or vanilla glaze and can be rectangular or circular. French crullers are generally ring-shaped.


Beignet is similar to fritters but French. It is a deep-fried yeasted type of donut made of choux pastry – a dough that puffs up when fried. Beignet can be stuffed with fruit filling or chocolate and these Fench pillowy delicacies are usually served sprinkled with confectioners sugar.

Gourmet Donuts

Gourmet donuts are always an eye-catcher as they are unique, complex, and full of artful designs. These are the types of donuts that are perfect for social media. These donuts are served in elaborate presentations and deliver complex flavors.

Healthy Donuts

Healthy donuts are perfect for those who are health-conscious. These donuts are made with wholesome ingredients, plant-based alternatives, or organic ingredients that reduce calories contents. Many donut or pastry shops offer these donuts to remain relevant and competitive while offering donut options that accommodate dietary restrictions.

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