Authentic Italian Pastas in Brunswick Melbourne

Craving for pasta? Have a taste of one of the Authentic Italian Pastas below and find the perfect plate of pasta for you.



Tagliatelle is a pasta shape considered to be one of the most popular in Italian cuisine. Similar to Fettucine, Tagliatelle is long and flat ribbons that are traditionally 6 mm wide. This type of pasta is great with many kinds of sauces, including mushroom sauces, tomato sauces, pesto, seafood, and even simple meat gravies.


  • Tagliatelle Carbonara

Tagliatelle Carbonara is one the easiest pasta dish to make, and many kids love this! It is delicious and creamy, made with bacon, eggs, Pancetta, black pepper, and of course, with lots of  Parmesan cheese.


  • Tagliatelle Guanciale, Carciofi & Pecorino

This pasta dish is known for its simplicity yet with a delicate flavor enhanced by the goodness of bacon. It is composed of artichokes, bacon, pecorino, guanciale, and a creamy sauce.


  • Tagliatelle King Prawns & Almonds

Craving for a fresh and light seafood dish? Try the Tagliatelle King Prawns & Almonds. It is perfect for all the seafood lovers out there. The sweetness of almonds and creaminess of bisque sauce combined result in a rich flavour delivering a real Sicilian experience.


  • Tagliatelle Broccoli, Mandorle & Pecorino

The Tagliatelle Broccoli, Mandorle & Pecorino is a great meal choice for people who love healthy and light pasta dishes. This pasta dish will amaze every one of its goodness with a hint of spiciness, further boosting its taste.



Gnocchi is another popular type of Italian pasta shape. It is small, thick, and soft, commonly made with cooked mashed potatoes, flour, and eggs. It is also known and potato dumplings. Gnocchi can be paired with various ingredients in different ways. More importantly, they are a cinch to cook.


  • Gnocchi Bolognese

Gnocchi Bolognese is truly a delight with the soft, pillowy gnocchi filled with tomato sauce and other fresh ingredients combined. It is easy to make and prepare in about 30 minutes.


  • Gnocchi Napoli

Gnocchi pasta paired with a special thick Napoli or Neapolitan sauce delivers a smooth texture pleasing to the taste buds. Adding plenty of parmesan and mozzarella makes this pasta dish extra delicious.


  • Vegan Gnocchi di Patata Viola

Gnocchi is not just for meaty dishes; it can also be paired with a light and healthy sauce like Pumpkin and Potato cream. The thick, creamy, and full of flavour sauce goes well with gnocchi pasta.


  • Gnocchi with Rocket Pesto & Calamari

The delicious taste of peppery Rocket Pesto mixed on pasta and the addition of calamari will surely give people a new taste from traditional healthy pasta dishes.



Pappardelle is a pasta type that is long, flat, and broad ribbons, similar to wide fettuccine. It originated from Tuscany – a region known for serving rich, intense, and meaty sauces.


  • Pappardelle Meatballs

It is a great pasta dish for everyone who loves meatballs in a rich and tasty tomato sauce. It is simple and cheap to make, making it perfect for a dinner special.


  • Norma Pappardelle

Norma Pappardelle is a classic Sicilian pasta dish of sautéed fried eggplant tossed in a rich Napoli sauce topped with Ricotta Salata, ideal for a vegetarian dinner.


Where to try Italian pasta dishes Brunswick Melbourne?

Cirelli & Co is an intimate Italian restaurant serving up authentic Italian food and fresh homemade pasta in the heart of Brunswick. We will serve you pasta, pizza, and antipasti made from the freshest and finest quality of ingredients.

You can dine at our restaurant, order for takeaway, or opt to have your food delivered to your home. You may contact us at (03) 9386 8084 or through our contact page for more information about our restaurant and bakery.

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