7 Pizza Facts to Know in Australia

Pizza is one of Australia’s favorite dishes. The pizza market in the country had grown and rapidly evolved since it was first introduced in the late-1940s when Italians and Greeks migrated to Australia after the Second World War.

Since then, numerous pizza shops were established, which further impacted Austalia’s culinary scene. In truth, it is expected that by 2022, the number of pizza restaurants and takeaway establishments will reach approximately 6,000.

In Australia, you can never deny people’s love affair with pizza. If you are one of the pizza lovers out there, you might find this article interesting as it discusses seven pizza facts to know in Australia.


  1. The record of most pizzas made in one hour was set by Domino’s – A pizza place in Australia.

Domino’s, Australia’s biggest pizza chain, brought together many people to set a new Guinness World Record for the most pizzas made in an hour by a team, aiming to beat the previous record of 500. Pizza masters came from different locations to witness the record-breaking event in Bundaberg in the Australian state of Queensland.

After the busy task of delivering orders, washing, cleaning, sweeping, preparing toppings, cutting pizza, ferrying hot pizza trays, and taking phone orders, the target of breaking 500 was done in just 32 minutes. By the time it reached an hour, 837 pizzas have been given to people queueing at the door and everyone who ordered.


  1. Australia is one of the countries that consume the most pizza.

About 52 million customers in Australia get into fast-food restaurants and eat pizza, hamburgers, and fries monthly. In truth, 264 million pizzas are eaten every year in Australia and rivals Italy's pizza per capita consumption. While hamburgers take first place in Australia’s fast food consumption, pizza comes second.


  1. The Longest Pizza Delivery

In 2004, the longest delivery happened when a vegetarian pizza was transported from Feltham, England, to Melbourne, Australia. Lucy Clough of Domino’s Pizza is deemed the most dedicated pizza delivery person. She traveled 10,532 miles (16,950 kilometres) to set the record for the longest pizza delivery, as recognized by the Guinness World Records.


  1. The Most Successful Pizza Delivery Company

Domino’s Pizza is the largest and leading pizza company globally, with more than 17,000 stores in 90 countries. It is also the largest pizza chain in Australia with over 600 stores, making it the largest franchise in the world for the US-based Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

Since 2001, when it was recognized as the third-largest pizza chain in Australia, it has grown from less than 200 stores to more than thousands internationally. It is now the most successful pizza delivery company.


  1. The Most Expensive Pizza Worldwide Cost $12,000

The Louis XIII Pizza is considered the most expensive pizza, and it takes 72 hours to make one. Perhaps its price has something to do with preparing it, but people can ensure that the dough is aged perfectly. Some of its ingredients include three types of caviar, Cilento, lobster from Norway, bufala mozzarella cheese, and grains of pink Australian sea salt from the Murray River.


  1. In 2017, 4 Million Pizzas Were Eaten.

Australians do love their pizzas. While many choose a simple Margherita – which also happens to be the first-ever pizza flavor in the world, Hawaiian is also a classic favorite proving that pineapple really does belong on pizza. 


  1. October is National Pizza Month

Starting October, people have the rest of the month to explore the world of pizza! The celebration is created by the publisher of Pizza Today magazine, Gerry Durnell. It also coincides with National Pasta Month and Italian-American Heritage. This month is now annually celebrated, allowing people to do some carb-loading.


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